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BioWare Teases A New Mass Impact Garrus Sculpture Coming Soon

I’m not Commander Shepard however Garrus is my preferred friend on the Castle. This remarkable Turian can be your finest brother or the apple of your eye in the Mass Impact trilogy and to celebrate the upcoming launch of the remaster, BioWare just teased our very first consider the upcoming Garrus Vakarian statuary coming quickly to its store. If you heard a terrifying pterodactyl-like scream, do not worry — it was simply me.

In its unpainted glory, BioWare revealed us our very first check out the upcoming Garrus sculpture. Unlike the previous sculpture of the exact same character by Video gaming Heads (which has been sold out for many years), this particular collectible takes on a much more vibrant posture with the renegade Turian prepared to verify he’s the best fired about. Certain, Shepard might have let him win the shoot-off when hanging around in Mass Result 3 on the Citadel’s horizon, however that doesn’t eliminate from him being a beast when it comes down to sighting through an extent with awesome accuracy.

While no info was given right now apart from a sexy caption with Garrus’ preferred catch phrase, the construction of the piece itself resembles it will certainly be dealt with by the very same business that has actually made most of the previous sculptures: Pc gaming Heads. When this bad young boy will go live to pre-order is unidentified, but it appears like maybe going down quickly as well as will likely set you back between the $370-500 variety (judging off of previous statues of comparable builds from the exact same store).

Delighted to see what the above statue will look like for the complete expose, completely colored? You can have a look at the BioWare Equipment save right here and enroll in e-mail notifications the minute it goes online. Just don’t tell C-Sec.