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Pinnacle Legends Could Be Coming To Nintendo Change Soon

Fuse, Peak Legends’latest usable personality, is launching alongside Period 8 Chaos following month. A brand-new repeater rifle and also Kings Canyon changes look to rejuvenate the popular fight royale’s extreme and also fast-paced action. A long-requested Peak Legends dream might be satisfied next month too: There’s an opportunity that the game could be coming to Nintendo Switch over.

According to the Apex Legends Information Twitter account, the Japanese version of Fuse’s “Stories from the Outlands” trailer that was posted to YouTube consists of an exciting statement in the summary banner that reads, “As well as on February 2, it will certainly be feasible to play on Change at the same time as the begin of Season 8!” In that same thread, a commenter included that the Spanish version of the video has the exact same statement. In the English video clip, that sentence does not show up at all. You can see the tweet above.

However, it seems as if Period 8 will certainly be a fittingly definitive moment for Peak Legends’ two-year anniversary following month. What do you think of the opportunity of Apex Legends concerning Nintendo Switch? Would you play it on Nintendo’s crossbreed console? Speak up with your thoughts in the comments listed below!